What Makes a Good Storified Landing Page and Why Is It Important?

Jana @ StorifyMe July 06, 2020
What Makes a Good Storified Landing Page and Why Is It Important?

To distance yourself from other content creators and sponsored stuff clogging people’s walls, feeds, and other online places, you should put your story first. Everything else has to come second.

Yes, we’re all hustling, trying to get people's fleeting attention,  make profits happen, and make ends meet but that doesn’t mean that putting sales before the story is a smart move. Your overall marketing strategy will be so much more impactful if you learn how to use product storytelling to your advantage. Naturally, that includes stunning storified landing pages, too!

What Are Storified Landing Pages?

You can read more about their essence at one of the previous  “Storified Guide” blog posts, but the TL: DR version reads something like this: 

They are different from other pages because they are here to generate leads or give visitors something valuable in exchange for some info (email address, name, age, etc). People reach these pages when they click on a link they found in their email, storified ad campaign, FB post, or anywhere else for that matter. All things considered: a storified landing page should be a little corner of the internet that exists solely to deliver your content promises. 

Why Are Landing Pages Important?

Whether that is a direct purchase of a valuable item at your storified microstore, download of an exclusive ebook, subscription to a newsletter, or procurement of a service much needed, a landing page is designed with a single action in mind. As with everything in marketing, SEO, and life in general, there’s no “one size fit’s all” kind of formula when it comes to this. It’s an art form on its own right. 

There are plenty of factors to consider before you dive into it, but the reasons why they are a crucial part of your web stories and general marketing strategy are quite universal: 

THEY CONVERT:  Landing pages generate leads for your sales team. They turn casual, slightly interested viewers into your audience and/or potential customers, much better than homepages or other pages do. They invite people to make *the* decision! 

THEY COLLECT INFO: Not in a creepy way, of course! Landing pages help you gather data about people who are genuinely interested in what you’re offering, so you can give them exactly what they want without too much hassle. 

On the other hand, this data-collecting aspect gives you an opportunity to measure your success. Generally, the information you get from your landing pages gives you a much clearer insight into consumer behavior, way of thinking, and what works or not when it comes to your offers. 

THEY ARE SPECIFIC: focusing visitors on submitting a form or clicking away is the main reason why they exist. This is achieved by using text and imagery that informs them clearly about the offer and supports their decision to finish the transaction or conversion. 

What Does the Landing Page Do Exactly?

Most of us want to offer something beautiful, useful and if possible interesting to people and the world at large. And once you do have that amazing, unique thing, it would be a crying shame if you and your consumers wouldn’t make the most of that product or service. Good storytelling in marketing leads them to what they want, but a good landing page itself closes the deal and makes the magic happen. 

How Do I Know If a Landing Page Is Any Good? 

There are a few guidelines that hold true for any kind of landing pages whether they are storified or not. You’ll know a landing page is good if it’s: 

Focused: Meaning, it has only one focal point. Avoid putting multiple offer choices on one landing page and removing all the navigation buttons. A good storified page is loud and clear. Everything placed on it (from an impactful headline to testimonials) leads your eyes to one specific call to action.

Inviting: The placement, presentation, and flow of all the landing page elements should be smooth, welcoming, and attention-grabbing. Don’t forget to include share buttons for social media! #getthemlikes

Visually stimulating: the use of color, size, fonts, and contrast has to be smooth and pleasing to the eye. Keep in mind that pictures of people using your product or enjoying your service are always an addition to any part of your web stories, not just landing pages.

Trustworthy: with consistent messaging through your storified articles and ads along with customer testimonials, recognizable payment opinions and security logos that are familiar to the general public. If your landing page seems sketchy or suspicious, you can kiss your leads and ROI goodbye.

Mobile-friendly: most people are browsing the internet on their phone, so it’s pretty crucial to make your offers tempting and fast to load on small screens too!

Thankful: it comes with a “thank you page”, a digital thank-you note of sorts,  that you prepare for the people who’ve made it through the conversion. It’s nice to include, but it also assures the customer that they’ve finished the action completely and successfully.

And let's not forget the most important: a good landing page leaves an impeccable first impression and gets conversions

A Few More Words: 

Be smart about your web stories and presentation, including but not limited to storified landing pages. There are plenty of factors at play here so as always do your homework and research every step of the way properly. 

Ask for feedback, don’t be afraid to modify anything if you see that the old ways are not working. Change your landing page, test it, and adjust the whole strategy in case it’s necessary. Use that newly gained knowledge in your future endeavors, not only when it comes to storified landing pages, but with marketing in general. 

And if you find yourself confused and needing help in this department, you know that your Storifyme team stands at your disposal 24/7, right?