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Stories are a visual content format available for content creators, focused on delivering full-screen mobile experiences. They are similar to Instagram and Snapchat stories.

Stories are HTML based, format, creating visually rich and highly engaging experiences. Because of being lightweight, Google favours them and position them right underneath the search bar, automatically showing stories before competitors pages. Besides, they are a new type of conversion funnel available for e-commerce businesses.

Yes. StorifyMe editor is a plug & play solution allowing you to create stories that give you tons of options to interact with customers. You can add impactful CTA with a link leading customers directly to the landing page and bring more conversions.

Yes. Stories are mobile-first, perfectly designed for mobile devices users. This type of trustworthy content is favorizing your shop in Search Results.

No. Although similar to Instagram stories, StorifyMe stories are made to reach whole web potential at every moment. They are available until you want them to be.

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