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Producing engaging content can be all-consuming

Nowadays producing engaging content takes time, energy, and let’s not forget money. Plus, it’s challenging to deal with the many, many marketing channels out there. While simultaneously keeping up with device constraints for every piece of created content.

Because of this, marketing teams usually decide to offer only basic responsive design for mobile users. Even though they want to create truly exceptional experiences.

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Marketing for today's world.

Marketing in today’s world is not the same as it was 5, 10, even 30 years ago. Today society is so engulfed with technology and has the need to be connected at all times. Our society has developed FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. And just how are we staying connected? Through technology! A survey done by shows that "81% of people – now own a smartphone of some kind." The technology era can be a challenge for those that are in the field of marketing. Being connected at all times gives the consumer the opportunity to be tempted by hundreds of different products within a matter of minutes. According to StopAd Blog, "the average modern person is exposed to around 5,000 ads per day."

Produce quality content that scales

with StorifyMe builder

Easily build Mobile-first Landing Pages, MicroStores, Ads and other content tailored specifically to your business goals and identity.

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Reach bigger audience using Tap & Swipe User Experiences

with Storified Landing pages, MicroStores and Ads

Focus on reaching more people and increase the conversion rate on mobile. Non-optimized content and basic website responsive structure block you from getting more mobile views and having persistent marketing campaigns to a specific audience.

The solution is to redirect all mobile traffic to Storified pages which will help you reduce bounce rate, increase conversion and improve organic social networks reach.

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As people will get more engaged with your post-click content and spend more time on it, social media will help to boost your organic search.

Having just basic responsive design support for your content will have some negative effects.

Direct your mobile traffic to Storified content and lower down the bounce rate.

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    High  Bounce Rate
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    Low  Engagement and Conversion Rate
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    Unpredicted  loading times
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    Forms and buttons  unsuitable for mobile devices
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    Decrease bounce rate with instant loading & remarkable user experience
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    More awareness with motion elements on the page
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    Higher engagement rate with interactive content (Pools, Games, etc)
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    Better conversion rate with In-Story purchase and CTAs linked to specific pages of your store

Keep the attention of your visitors

with StorifyMe widgets

Easily import your stories to any web page to enrich your marketing content which will engage visitors much more as the format is different and more effective.

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StorifyMe Carousel Widget

With our code snippet quickly embed your stories on any part of your website and give your visitors another content perspective.

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StorifyMe Story Overlay

The Story will open in overlay mode, which keeps the visitors on the website but allows them to make a quick purchase.

Take a closer look

Present vastly improved mobile reading experience with content splitted into logical units, that are easier to process and remember.

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