Kayak, canoe, water ski or simply sit and stare whilst contemplating life, the universe and everything, there is no finer place to do whatever you darn well feel like doing than by the side of a lake in Canada.

1. Spotted Lake, British Columbia

Lives up to its name and from therapeutic mineral properties to some of the weirdest saline formations during the summer months, this is a unique lake experience that you won’t want to miss.

3. Medicine Lake, Alberta

2. Horseshoe Lake, Alberta

Water temps are never going to be hot and you maybe pleased to hear that there are plenty of grassy hillsides and picnic sites to help you enjoy the glacial beauty from an altogether more warmer perspective.

4. Lake Anette, Alberta


5. Upper Arrow Lake, 
British Columbia

Part of the Columbia River, the largest of its kind in the Pacific Northwest

6. Emerald Lake, British Columbia

Numerous hiking paths will lead you around the lake and put your hiking boots to the test as you discover just how Lake Moraine got its name however, once you’ve scaled the surrounding heights all of that scrambling will be long forgotten as you kick back and enjoy the gorgeous blue hues far down in the valley below.

7. Moraine Lake, Alberta

8. Maligne Lake, Alberta

Situated about 30 miles south of the town of Jasper it is one of the world’s most photographed natural places and always deserves to be around the top of any list relating to awesome stretches of water.

9. Peyto Lake, Alberta

Beautiful Banff lakeside setting can be found on the  Icefields Parkway

10. Lake Louise, Alberta

if you fancy a quick hands and feet scramble to the 9,000 foot summit of Fairview Mountain then you’ll be treated to an amazing view of Lake Louise.