Visual Stories
for Publishers

A study conducted by Forrester on behalf of Google found that users prefer tappable story format over scrolling articles.

Publishers have a huge opportunity to fill the supply and demand gap, as the Stories format is poised to change the way we consume content online.

StorifyMe StorifyMe News Example

News as short sweet stories

In a fast-moving world we live in today, creating and consuming content became much faster than before. With StorifyMe stories, not only will you be able to create stories quickly and easily, but also your audience will enjoy them much more, and you will have more readers than ever.

StorifyMe StorifyMe Blog Example

Stories as a new blog

Long gone are the times where you needed a long blog post with some keywords to boost SEO, a blog post no customer would read. With our stories, not only will you have the best SEO score, but also your customers will consume even more of your content. And if you want, after you have captured their interest with a short and sweet story, you can still show them a detailed and long blog post, by enabling a CTA button at the end of the story.

StorifyMe StorifyMe How to Example

How-to guides

Using video for a how-to guide? Your customers keep hitting the pause all the time. Using text? They just skim over it. Voice? Visuals are missing. Images? Instructions and steps are not clear.

Instead, you should offer all of these media in an easy and clear, step-by-step, screen-by-screen way on a device everyone carries around with them. And not only that your customers will enjoy this type of content more, but you will also get to understand how are they consuming it with our powerful insights.

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